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G-Pen F610
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Genius G-Pen F610 6" x 10" Ultra Slim Graphics Tablet- Make A Lasting Impression in Creative Expression! Using a mouse or a notebook touch pad to draw, paint or write on your computer can be taxing experience, so why not use the right tool for the right job? The G-Pen F610 is a slim-line graphics tablet featuring a sizable 6" x 10" 2,000lpi working area ideal for creating digital pieces of fine art. For added functionality, the F610 employs 29 programmable hot keys for one-touch access to a host of useful Office, Internet and Vista features. Additionally, the sleek cordless pen features 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity to ensure that each and every brush stroke, line and shape you create is spot-on accurate and natural feeling. The cordless pen even has two buttons which can be programmed as left and right mouse buttons, as well as a nifty pen holder for secure storage. Don't limit your artistic imagination to an imprecise and unresponsive tool like a mouse—unleash all of your creative whims and desires with the Genius G-Pen F610!