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MousePen i608X
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Genius MousePen i608X 6" x 8" Graphics Tablet- Creative Fun for Everyone! The MousePen i608X is living proof that a graphics tablet doesn't have to be inexplicably complex in order to be be a legitimately powerful creative tool. Aspiring artists of all skill levels will undoubtedly appreciate this graphics tablet's generous 6" x 8" working area as well as the 1024-level pen pressure sensitivity for unmatchable control and precision over shapes and brush stroke. In addition, the MousePen i608X is bundled with valuable creative software like Paint Net, a fun and competent image/photo editing program, and Pen ToolBar, an all-in-one annotation software that makes handwriting notes or signing documents a piece of cake. Finally, a 3-button wireless wheel mouse is thoughtfully included so you can enjoy fast and accurate web page or document navigation. Creative expression is a right, not a privilege. The Genius MousePen i608X lets everyone exercise this right to the fullest extent!