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G-Pen M712X
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Your Imagination, Powered by Genius. The G-Pen M712X is a 12" x 7" professional multimedia tablet so sophisticated and technically brilliant that it could only be conceived by Genius! Graphic designers and other tech-savvy creative professionals will assuredly appreciate the G-Pen M712X's prodigious 4,000 LPI resolution dual mode working area—which can be instantaneously switched from wide to standard format—as well as the standard full version of PhotoShop Elements 6.0. On the other hand, recreational Rembrandts and part-time Picassos will love the user-friendly and organic functionality that the wireless 1024 level pressure sensitivity pen permits. Regardless of which creative camp you identify with, one thing remains universally true—the Genius G-Pen M712X makes drawing, painting or even handwriting an immensely gratifying and effortless pursuit for Windows and Mac users alike!


Key Features:  

    • Versatile 12” x 7.25”(wide)  and 9.5” x 7.25” (standard) switchable working area for wide/4:3 screens.
    • Cleverly designed rolling pad for scrolling in four directions, zooming in/out and volume up/down functions.
    • Ultra high 4,000 LPI resolution equates to a highly responsive and smooth cursor.
    • Cordless pen features 1024-level pressure sensitivity for all varieties of shape and brush stroke control.
    • Two pen buttons can be programed to function as left and right mouse buttons.
    • Vista plug and play; handwriting recognition compatible, pen flicks, digital inking in Office and snipping functions for added convenience.
    • Handwriting notes, drawing doodles, or designing commercial artwork is made easy with the tablet's accessible design and highly effective functionality.