Methods To Get Unused Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

If you name three trusted brand where you do online shopping, one of them should be Amazon. Amazon has pioneered the online shopping experience by introducing money back guarantee, which ensure if you receive any broken item, it will be replaced within ten days. If you are shopping online on Amazon, then consider yourself lucky as we are going to give you 7 Working Methods to earn unused free Amazon gift cards codes.

You might know that Amazon has introduced gift cards worth of $10, $25, $50, $100 and 250 dollars. These gift cards are used as real money, and you can buy any items using these gift cards. Gifts cards can be gifted to other family members and are in huge demands as you don’t need to use your credit card in an online transaction.

How to get Free Amazon Gift Cards legit codes?

You can get Amazon gift cards with following categories

  • Amazon Trade-in (sell items on Amazon)
  • GPT websites
  • GPT apps
  • Market Research Companies
  • Cashback Methods
  • Affiliate Rewards Methods
  • Exchange Gift Cards


  1. Amazon Trade-in (sell items on Amazon)

You can sell some old unused items on Amazon and get gift cards worth of those items. Amazon Trade-in is a new category where you can sell your electronics, books, machines, gadgets, collective items, etc.  There are many benefits associated when you sell your used items on Amazon.

  1. No shipping charge
  2. Amazon Gift Card as payment
  3. Hassle free transaction
  4. You can redeem a gift card on Amazon


  1. GPT websites

GPT websites mean “get paid to,” which means if you perform the small task they will provide you points or rewards which you can use to get digital cards. GPT websites make their users perform these tasks and give them points

  1. To watch video
  2. To complete a small survey
  3. When you purchase small items using their referral links
  4. When you send some emails
  5. When you give an opinion on a certain product
  6. When you click on certain ads
  7. When you play a certain game

There are many GPT website which you can join to get Amazon Gift Card

  1. Swagbucks
  2. MyPoints
  3. PrizeRebel


  1. GPT apps

These are another favorite destination where users get free Amazon Gift Cards. GPT apps are present for all mobile platforms like iOS and Android. You have to perform a certain task to get points. You will earn points by performing these task

  1. To watch video ads
  2. To play games and reach a certain limit
  3. When you install apps
  4. When you give an opinion on a certain product
  5. When you click on ads
  6. When you buy some items using affiliate links

Some of the GPT apps are as follows

  1. FatWallet
  2. App Trailers
  3. Mobile Rewards


  1. Market Research Companies

There are many survey website which is governed by Market Research Company; they use this website for getting user pulse. You can join this website and provide valuable opinion on the certain product and get your Amazon Gift cards.

Some of the survey websites are as follow

  1. Valued Opinions
  2. Opinion Outpost
  3. MySurvey
  4. SureySpot


  1. Cashback Methods

There are many websites which work on cashback program, which means they will provide you Amazon Gift card via cash back. If you purchase a certain product, they will also give you a gift card as a bonus.

  1. Affiliate Rewards Methods

There is two websites which provide you affiliate rewards with Amazon Gift cards. This website works on surveys, and you need to complete a small survey. You need to register on this website to get small points and then you can get your favorite gift card. Those websites are as follows

  1. Bing rewards program
  2. Google Screenwise (affiliate rewards program)


  1. Exchange Gift Cards

If you have any unused digital cards which you have never used, then you can exchange those cards with your favorite gift cards. You can also trade or sell your gift cards on this website for some quick money.

  1. Cardpool
  2. Gazelle

Final words

Well, we have summarized all the categories under which you will get free Amazon gift cards. You can alternately check online website which generates Amazon codes without being doing all these methods. We encourage you to follow our 7 Working Methods to earn free Amazon gift cards.